What makes us unique?

Let's talk about what lies ahead.

Our plan is always to hold direct, straight, and thoughtful conversations with you. Sometimes this means asking hard questions and confronting reality but with the spirit of keeping our commitments, clarifying expectations, and inviting your candid engagement along the way.

Integrity, respect, teamwork, transparency, and accountability are the cornerstones of our success. Phillips & Company is a mission-driven firm. Our culture is defined by a strong set of values. We set high expectations for ourselves and we share a commitment and loyalty to each other, our clients, and our work. As a result, we develop long-term, trust-based relationships with our clients. 

Why does mission matter?

Our mission—to improve the lives and financial strength of individuals, families, and institutions that we serve and employ—defines everything we strive for at Phillips & Company. It helps us to match our efforts with our clients' interests, values, and goals. We provide thoughtful, comprehensive, and innovative advice. Our mission also enables us to align portfolios with the performance needs and risk sensitivity of our clients.

Our first client is still a client.

Our clients select us as investment advisors because we’re dedicated to the long-range performance of their investment portfolios. They remain with us because we ask hard questions, confront reality, clarify expectations, keep our commitments, and encourage their collaboration along the way.