Community Involvement

We at Phillips and Company support our community in areas that engage us, make a difference, and fuel our passion for helping others improve their lives. It’s inherent in our mission, "... to improve the lives and financial strength of the people we serve and employ."
Tim PhillipsPhillips & Company, Chief Executive Officer 


“I am so proud of our partnership with Phillips & Co, who offer essential help and services to our families and returning hostages. Since we launched in April 2016, they have delivered a range of services to people in need. For example, they worked with a former hostage whose credit rating had deteriorated during his captivity as his family was rightly focused on securing his release rather than managing his finances. Phillips & Co resolved this, which enabled him to get a credit card and buy a car, both of which are essentials for life in the United States. They have also worked with one of our families struggling to manage complex savings and investments, removing this stress at what is one of life’s most traumatic experiences of having a loved one kidnapped. 

It is often the practical things that are neglected during a kidnapping. What seems like mundane and small things can become overwhelming for hostages and their families at what is a time of extreme stress and anxiety. I have seen first hand how the work of Tim and his team has – quite literally – changed lives for the better.

Hostage US is grateful for the care and professionalism of the Phillips & Co team. We are proud to call them our partners.” 

Rachel Briggs OBEExecutive Director, Hostage US

Click here to see our CEO, Tim Phillips, quoted in the Hostage US 2017 Annual Report on page 13.

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Read how Phillips & Company is helping Hostage US and returned detainees with their finances.


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"We have been partnering with Phillips and Co. for the past five years.  Our non-profit, 'Santa's Posse' provides Christmas for over 900 families a year in our county. 

...Michael Goodrich has assisted us by securing partnerships with other foundations and non-profits, all leading to our goal of helping more families in need each year."

- Sgt. Kevin Allais, Clark County Sheriff's Office, Santa's Posse   


Hough_Foundation_Logo.jpg"I was thinking about the people that make up our community, all the good that is done, the love that is shown, and... you came instantly to my mind. Being the Executive Director of the Hough Foundation offers me the opportunity to meet and work with all kinds of people and be exposed to all kinds of situations.  We have wonderful families in the Hough Neighborhood.  Some of them are needing a little care… understanding… help. 

You provide them with warmth, consideration and the feeling that someone cares when you create the warm and beautiful hats, gloves, blankets and bags that you do.  By sponsoring fundraising events that bring programs to our schools, food, and clothes to our kids, supplies to our teachers. 

Living and working with people that create a reliable, caring, trustworthy community makes Vancouver one of the great cities that it is. ...Michael [Goodrich]  and Phillips and Company... ha[ve] left us in a better place... with the feeling that we are understood and cared for.

Thank you for all that you do."

- Jill Campbell, Executive Director, Hough Foundation



"Lisa and Michael Goodrich have been tremendous supporters of Jesuit, helping to chair our Fall Festival, continuing to support the Alumni Golf Tournament and increasing the partnership between Clark County Santa’s Posse and Jesuit Alumni Food Drive.  Their passion to connect people and to serve those that are less fortunate is remarkable.  They continue to touch many people’s lives with their generous and kind spirit.”

- Kathy Baarts, Alumni Director, Jesuit High School


Phillips & Company is currently, or has previously been, involved in supporting the following organizations:

Children's Cancer Association
Concordia University
Oregon Historical Society
Oregon Sports Authority
Portland Christian Schools
Portland Rescue Mission