Wouldn't you expect comprehensive array of institutional services?

Institutional Services:

Defined Contribution

A critical element in working with defined contribution clients is foreseeing shifts in financial markets, as well as changing legislation. We recognize the need to establish preventative measures to limit risk. Our consultants can help manage your risk by providing the following:

  • Review investment options and expense ratios annually
  • Establish fund benchmarks and ensure they are performing appropriately
  • Evaluate all expenses and identify any revenue sharing arrangements
  • Deliver clear and concise performance reports

 Corporate 401(k) Design and Maintenance

No matter how large or small your business, Phillips & Company can create comprehensive, competitive 401(k) plans to suit you. We advise you on selecting the best plan for your company, enrolling participants, and educating your employees. Our services have many advantages:

Streamlined Administrative Services

401(k) plans are not always easy to maintain. We handle the tasks that employers and other management companies often struggle to provide, such as keeping employees fully informed and providing timely tax information and account statements.

Flexible Cost Options

Costs are an ongoing concern, as administrative, accounting, and fund expenses add up over time. We keep administrative costs low and offer flexible cost options, enabling companies to absorb the full costs, split the costs, or have the participants absorb the costs.

Comprehensive Employee Outreach

Busy employees can’t spare the time to learn everything about investing in their 401(k). Our hands-on team is well versed in employee education. We will meet with employees individually to help them understand allocation strategies and planning. We also offer strong Spanish-language support for companies with diverse labor forces.

Versatile Investment Choices

Choices are good, but too many choices can be complicated. That’s why we offer relevant investment options, making our 401(k) plans easy to follow and maintain. Unlike some providers, our benefit plans are specifically adapted to suit the size of your company.

Defined Benefit Plans

Our investment approach is applicable to many types of plan sponsors, including corporate defined benefit plans, Taft-Hartley plans, and non-pension operating plans. Our successful record in challenging environments is a testament to our disciplined strategy. Like our 401(k) plans, we make recommendations tailored to your company and objectives.

We help provide cost savings and efficient administration with the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Advocacy
  • Performance Measurement
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Manager Search and Evaluation
  • Research
  • Client Education