For Participants

As retirement approaches, will you be financially ready?

The education and engagement we offer our participants includes the following:

  • Investor Education: Develop and strengthen your knowledge of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, stocks, and bonds, while showing you how to allocate them throughout your lifetime.
  • Risk Tolerance Profile: Ensure you to take the right amount of risk today and as your needs change in the future.
  • Retirement Calculator: We work with you to determine the deferral  amount and required rate of return needed to meet your specific goals.
  • Meeting Rhythm: Establish a predictable meeting pattern and providing the information that is important to you.
  • Economic Commentary: Our assessment on what the economy is doing, why it is happening, and how it may be affecting your investments.
  • Reporting: Direct and transparent communication about your account's performance in good times and bad so you know where you stand and where you are headed.
  • Recommendations: We provide you with a recommended allocation to achieve your targeted return rate using out capital markets expectation tool.

Meet the 401(k) Team

Please contact a member of our 401(k) Team for more information or for answers to your specific questions:

Michael Goodrich
Senior Investment Advisor, Corporate Officer

Stacy Noll
Senior Investment Advisor, Employee Engagement Specialist

Steve Thomas
Senior Investment Advisor, Employee Engagement Specialist