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It was a great football weekend. Between the commercials and shots of players roaming around the sidelines, there was a small dose of exciting football. The football is so exciting, it likely distracts from what we really spend most of our time watching. In a recent study, a typical 3-hour game only offered about 11 minutes of actual playing time and over 1 hour of watching players standing around the sideline. 1

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It was appropriately analogous to the markets last week as the NASDAQ slipped into correction territory and the S&P 500 was down almost 9% from peak. Netflix, the iconic recurring revenue play, fell 24% last week and is down over 36% from its year-to-date high. 2 3 4

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Yet, it’s the sidelines that we should take a look at. Currently, cash sitting on the sidelines of equity markets are at historic levels.

Cash at commercial banks is sitting at a whopping $3.8 trillion. 5

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Cash at brokerages is also at a record $1 trillion. 6

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Cash as a percentage of assets, debt, and equity across all S&P 500 companies is at near record levels. 7

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Further, cash in money markets is hovering near levels totaling $5.2 trillion. 8

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The “investor sidelines” is likely where the action will come from in the coming weeks to rescue a flailing equity market.

Combined cash is at approximately $17 trillion and that represents about 38% of total U.S. market cap using the Wilshire 5000 as a proxy.

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Perhaps, that is why we could see some massive buying in the coming weeks. It is likely the catalyst that could lead to some pretty quick recoveries when the S&P 500 hits an intra-year dip. 9

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Some of that cash coming off the sidelines will be driven by the incredible strength in the U.S. Consumer balance sheet. Consumers are sitting on a whopping $162.7 trillion in assets—far surpassing the pre-financial crisis high of $85.1 trillion—with only $18 trillion in liabilities. 9

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It’s hard to predict how far equity markets can drift but, one potential buffer is the enormous amount of cash sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in the game.

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Tim Phillips, CEO, Phillips & Company