Archives for February, 2023

  1. February 27, 2023

    Equity market volatility has spiked since the robust jobs report in January. Recall the U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs in January, kicking off the start of investor hope running into reality. 1 Since that announcement, we have had a Consumer Price Index reading… More >>

  2. February 20, 2023

    The latest readings on inflation and consumer spending confirmed one thing; the road back to a normalized inflationary and interest rate environment is going to be bumpy. Inflation posted a very modest reduction, and some would characterize it as “sticky.” It’s just not… More >>

  3. February 13, 2023

    If a recession is coming consumers sure don’t know it. The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index increased for the third consecutive month, the number came in at 66.4 in February, up from 64.9 in January. 1 Yet corporate earnings in the fourth quarter have been… More >>

  4. February 6, 2023

    Wow! The U.S. economy added 517k jobs in January. This reversed a cooling trend and surprised everyone. 1 Oddly enough, wage growth continued to moderate in January in conjunction with the rapid expansion in employment. 2 The Fed has been on a warpath to cool the… More >>